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Canon MAXIFY GX5020 Driver Download, Software, and Manual– Canon Maxify GX5020 is the latest printer offers cheap ink as its most significant selling point. Canon claims that the cost per page with this single function (print only) model is less than 2 cents, but your actual charges may be significantly less. This gives rise to the usual trade-offs that such a tank design demands: For the GX5020 price, the Canon Maxify GX5020 retails for around $399.99.

Workhorse Color Printer

The GX5020 offers paper handling suitable for standard heavy-duty printing to personal to micro-offices, or light-to-medium-duty printing in small offices, either as a USB-connected personal printer or as a network shared printer. Its support for mobile printing, using the Canon app available for Android and iOS devices, gives it a touch more functionality than just printing from a PC.

The 250-sheet drawer is equipped with a 100-sheet rear tray, making it easy to load two different types or sizes of paper, and it’s also easy to quickly swap paper in the rear tray if you need to print in another kind. or size. Both received legal size paper. Like most printers today, the GX5020 also offers an automatic duplex.

Canon recommends a monthly duty cycle for printers of 200 to 3,300 pages. However, 1,400 pages (an average of 70 per weekday) will be the maximum if you don’t want to add paper more than once a week.

Small Enough to Be a Personal Printer

The GX5020 is compact enough to share a desk, so you can easily reach the output tray or view messages on the control panel’s two-line LCD. Sharing is easy, too, thanks to connection options that include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB. For my performance test, I connected via Ethernet.

For mobile printing, the Canon app lets you print documents or photos from your phone or tablet and easily from cloud sites. It even adds what you might think of as a minimal copy feature, allowing you to take a picture of a document on your phone and print it in one step. Note that if you connect the printer to your PC via Ethernet, you will need to connect your mobile device over the same network instead of using Wi-Fi Direct to connect directly to the printer.

Reasonable Speed, Sterling Output

In our performance tests, using our standard testbed, it ranked rather slowly, coming in at 20.6ppm (32 seconds) for our 12-page Word text file, excluding the first page. In comparison, it’s tied with the Canon Maxify iB4120 but a few seconds slower than the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7310, which hits 23.6ppm (28 seconds), or the Lexmark C3426dw, which comes in at 26.4ppm (25 seconds). ). Note that all three printers are also rated at 24ppm or 25ppm for monochrome printing, and the C3426dw is a color laser.

Of course, a difference of just a few seconds every few pages can add up for a lengthy document, but that only matters if you’re printing a long document. These numbers also leave the time for the first page, which greatly influences the total speed when printing only a few pages. The GX5020 has the upper hand for single- or two-page files, with a first-page-out time (FPO) in our test of 7 seconds. The C3426dw and iB4120 come with a 10-second FPO, while the WF-7310 takes 12 seconds.

On our suite of business applications, which added files that included graphics and colors, the GX5020 took 3 minutes 26 seconds (7.3ppm), essentially tying the iB4120 for the slowest in the group. The WF-7310 is slightly faster at 2:54 (8.6ppm), while the C3426dw is fast enough to notice at 2:13 (11.3ppm). In our photo series, the GX5020 averaged 48 seconds for a four by 6-inch photo.

Text quality in our tests was top-notch among inkjets. The edges on the characters are just less sharp than laser printers, and nearly all of the fonts in our tests that are likely to be used in standard business documents are well-formed and very easy to read at 4 points. Only two exceptions are easy to read at 5 points. One of the most stylish fonts, with bold strokes, very easy to read and well-formed at 8 points, which is suitable for most lasers. Others can be read at 8 points, but loops tend to fill up. You shouldn’t see a problem if you’re using a small font.

The graphic at the default quality setting shows smoother banding for fills with dark colors and more pronounced banding for gray and black fills. But the colors are bright and well saturated; crispy edges; and thin lines, including one-pixel-wide lines on a black background, are well preserved. Photos on Canon’s recommended Glossy II photo paper are of high-end pharmacy quality, with appropriate neutrals, good color saturation, and no visible banding.

Lastly: our water-resistance test consists of a few drops of water on the printout at least 24 hours in advance and gently wiping it off. On plain paper, the color ink and the black ink smudge only slightly but are dried to reveal clear water stains on the image. On Canon-recommended photo papers, color inks offer good water resistance, but black inks show obvious smudges. On the plus side, the black and color ink on plain paper stands on the highlighter pen without smudging.

Top Level Inkjet Output Quality, Low Operating Cost

The Canon Maxify GX5020 combines top-tier inkjet output quality, especially for text, with an operating cost that Canon claims is less than 2 cents per page (or per “page image” if you print on both sides). But Canon is being conservative here. The actual cost for ink, on which most operating expense claims are based, is 0.5 cents per monochrome black page and 0.7 cents per color page. And that’s before you factor in the full-size ink bottles that come with the printer.

However, keep in mind that low operating costs don’t necessarily save money. You need to pay attention to the total cost of ownership, which means operating costs over the printer’s life, plus initial costs. (See How to Save Money on Your Printer Next to estimate the total cost of ownership.)

If you’re not going to print enough for the low-cost Maxify GX5020 per page to lower your total cost, consider the Maxify iB4120, which is our top choice for light-duty printing in a micro or home office. This offers higher operating costs over time but a lower initial purchase price. The Lexmark C3426dw is also a good alternative, with the advantages of laser-sharp output for text and faster speeds. And if you need to print on tabloid-size paper, consider the WF-7310, our top choice for tabloid-size printing in the micro office or home.


IJ Start Canon Maxify GX5020 Driver Support:

    • Android
    • Linux x32 x64
    • MacOS x32 x 64
    • Windows 10 x32 x 64
    • Windows 8.1 x32 x 64
    • Windows 7 x32 x 64
    • Windows XP x32 x 64

Canon MAXIFY GX5020 Driver Download for Windows

GX5000 series Printer Driver Ver.1.00

MAXIFY GX5020 Software for Windows

Canon MAXIFY GX5020 Easy-PhotoPrint EX
Quick Menu
IJ Printer Assistant Tool
Easy-Layout Editor
IJ Network Device Setup Utility
Master Setup

GX5020 Printer Software Download for Mac

Canon MAXIFY GX5020 Easy-PhotoPrint EX
Quick Menu
IJ Network Device Setup Utility
Master Setup

Canon MAXIFY GX5020 Driver Download for Linux

IJ Printer Driver Linux (Source file)
IJ Printer Driver for Linux (rpm Packagearchive)
IJ Printer Driver for Linux (Debian Packagearchive) 

Manual Guide Support

Manuals File
Guide for Easy-PhotoPrint Editor Support Windows
User Guide Manual Support Windows
Guide for Easy-PhotoPrint Editor Support macOS X
Manual Guide  IJ Printer Driver Operation Support Linux
Setup Instructions

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