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Canon Pixma G3020 Price and Review– Canon have a line of printers or multifunction The latest PIXMA G series consists of the PIXMA Ink Efficient G1020, G2020, G3020, and G3060. In order, these devices come with the simplest to the most complete specifications. For those of you who need drivers or software, below we have provided Canon Pixma G3020 Driver Download for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

As a device with an Ink Tank system or CISS ( continuous ink supply system ), the four devices both have the latest technology to support large, fast, and efficient printing needs. In addition, ease of maintenance is also another advantage offered by the PIXMA G series.

PIXMA Ink Efficient G3020, the one we tested has a position close to its highest series, the G3060. When compared with the G3060, the basic difference is in the speed when printing and duplicating or copying documents only. PIXMA Ink Efficient G3020 itself is intended to increase productivity in the home, office, or SME environment.

As a multifunctional device, the PIXMA Ink Efficient G3020 has three functions, namely as a printer, copy or copier, and scanner. Physically, although not the most compact, this multifunction device is practically compact in its class. This is also due to the support for paper sizes that only reach A4.

The design is still typical of Canon’s multifunction style. The top on the right is the flatbed area for scanning and copying documents. Meanwhile, on the left side, there are several buttons and an LCD to carry out functions directly without the help of a computer. To accommodate paper, there is a tray on the back with a capacity of up to 100 sheets. The paper output tray on the front can accommodate the same capacity. The capacity is indeed not too large, but it is in accordance with its designation.

What is interesting is the support for the use of refilled ink which is clearly a solution for more affordable operational costs and more printing. Canon places the ink tank area separately. There are four ink colors, namely black, cyan, yellow, and magenta, aka black, cyan, yellow, and magenta. For black ink separate from other ink. The capacity is also greater considering that black is the most commonly used color, especially when printing text documents.

One bottle of black ink is claimed to be able to print up to 6,000 sheets of documents, while the other three colors when combined are said to be able to print up to 7,700 documents. Both are in standard mode. For photo printing, the combination of the three colors can print up to 2,200 4 x 6-inch photos. When printing photos, printing black does not use black ink but a combination of cyan, yellow, and magenta.

Canon also offers convenience for the installation process and refilling of ink. You just lift the front cover. The first thing that needs to be done is to change the Ink Valve Level to the right position. When the Ink Valve Level is in the left position, the ink flow through the hose will be locked. Then for the ink tank, at the top has a cover that is easy to open and close. Later the end of the ink bottle was just inserted into the tank cover. The shape is made as safe as possible to avoid spilling when filling. When finished, you can immediately carry out the printing process or other functions.

When used as a printer, the G3020 has a speed that is practically similar to other PIXMA series. This device on average prints a page of black text documents in about 13 seconds. Meanwhile, printing one page of a color text document takes about 50 seconds. The nick of time was not too rushed and quite time-consuming when printing in large quantities.

For quality, black text looks thick and sharp. Likewise with color text. The color text results are slightly different from the original, but this is not too much of a problem. As for printing photos using photo paper, we like the sharpness of the resulting colors. Although, again, we think the color tends to be more intense. However, the result looks neat and good.

The PIXMA Ink Efficient G3020 relies solely on the flatbed to scan and copy documents. For functions as a copy or copier, the speed is slightly slower. Meanwhile, the results are quite good; the resulting backup document is quite satisfactory. As for scanning, this multifunction also has a good speed and is no different from other PIXMA series.

Not to forget, the wireless function can be used to print photos or documents from devices such as smartphones or tablet computers based on iOS and Android. In fact, the PIXMA Ink Efficient G3020 supports Chrome OS. For Android devices, you can do this by downloading and installing the Canon PRINT Inkjet/Selphy application.


The Canon PIXMA G3020 is designed for printing, scanning, and copying needs which are suitable for increasing productivity in the home, office, and SME environments. With a CISS that has a large capacity, operational costs can be more affordable. Besides, the installation is easy.

IJ Start Canon Pixma G3020 Setup Driver Support for:

    • Android
    • Linux x32 x64
    • Mac Os x32 x 64
    • Windows 10 x32 x 64
    • Windows 8.1 x32 x 64
    • Windows 7 x32 x 64
    • Windows XP x32 x 64

Canon Pixma G3020 Driver Download for Windows

Canon Driver Download & Software Package
Canon Pixma G3020 Security Patch Printer Driver Windows
Canon Pixma G3020 MP Driver

Canon Pixma G3020 Software Download for Windows

Canon Pixma G3020 Easy-PhotoPrint EX
IJ Printer Assistant Tool
PosterArtist Updater
PosterArtist Lite
Easy-Layout Editor Utility
IJ Network Device Setup Utility
Full Software Package

Canon G3020 Printer Software Mac

Canon Pixma G3020 Easy-PhotoPrint EX
IJ Scan Utility Lite
PosterArtist Lite
IJ Network Device Setup Utility
Full Software Package

Canon Pixma G3020 Driver Download for Linux

ScanGear MP for Linux (Debian)
ScanGear MP Linux (Source file)
ScanGear MP Linux (rpm)
IJ Printer Driver Linux (Source file)
IJ Printer Driver for Linux (rpm Packagearchive)
IJ Printer Driver for Linux (Debian Packagearchive) 

Canon Pixma G3020 Printer Manual Guide Support

Manuals File
Guide for Easy-Layout Editor Support Windows
User Guide Manual Support Windows
 User Guide Manual Support macOS X
Manual Guide ScanGear MP Operation Support Linux
Manual Guide  IJ Printer Driver Operation Support Linux
Getting Started Guide Support

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