Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers Support for:

    • Android
    • Linux x32 x64
    • Mac Os X/ Os X x32 x 64
    • Windows 10 x32 x 64
    • Windows 8.1 x32 x 64
    • Windows 7 x32 x 64
  • Windows XP x32 x 64


Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers Download for Android/ Tablets/ Mobile

Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers
Canon PIXMA MG3250 Android Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers Download for Windows x32/ x64

Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers
Canon PIXMA MG3250 Mini Master Driver & Software Package
Canon PIXMA MG3250 XPS Printer Driver Windows
Canon PIXMA MG3250 Printer Drivers

Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers Download Mac Os X x32/ x64

Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers
Canon PIXMA MG3250 Scanner Driver & Software Package OS X
Canon PIXMA MG3250  CUPS Printer Driver Mac
Canon PIXMA MG3250  ICA Printer Driver Mac

Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers Download Linux x32/ x64

Canon PIXMA MG3250 Drivers
Canon PIXMA MG3250 ScanGear MP for Linux (debian Packagearchive)
Canon PIXMA MG3250 ScanGear MP for Linux (Source file)
Canon PIXMA MG3250 ScanGear MP for Linux (rpm Packagearchive)
Canon PIXMA MG3250 IJ Printer Driver for Linux (Source file)
Canon PIXMA MG3250 IJ Printer Driver for Linux (rpm Packagearchive)
Canon PIXMA MG3250 IJ Printer Driver for Linux (debian Packagearchive) 
Source: Canon USA Printers
Canon PIXMA MG3250 Reviews Printers– Canon PIXMA MG3250 printer sits somewhat above passage level and straightforwardly replaces the PIXMA MG3150. It bears a considerable measure of likeness to the prior, home across the board, with the most evident distinction being that this one has finished dark side, back and front boards, where the past model’s were polished.

Somewhere else, a basic, A4 flatbed scanner sits to one side of a tall, thin control board, with a lot of catches and markers to control the machine, however only a solitary, seven-portion LED show.

This is fine to select number of duplicates, however very little useful for status input. Standard has endeavored to utilize it in an assortment of ways, however the blunder codes it produces require consistent reference to the manual to translate. A solitary line, mono LCD would be far best.

The title page clicks open to uncover what Canon alludes to as a ‘Quick Front’. Very what’s quick about it isn’t self-evident, yet the two, overlay down plate work between them to encourage and gather paper as the machine prints. At the point when collapsed down, they for all intents and purposes twofold its profundity.

There are no front board memory card spaces or a USB attachment, however the printer supports USB and remote associations. In the event that you plan to print from a telephone or tablet, remote is the undeniable approach.

The twin ink cartridges slide into two holders behind an interior cover, once you’ve collapsed down the Fast Front. One is dark and the other tri-shading. This makes the printer simple to benefit, yet could make it more exorbitant to run.

The product package has been refreshed, with convenient applets like the switched L molded ‘Fast Menu’, and the little board that is ‘Picture Display’. There’s likewise ‘My Image Garden’, for arranging photographs and ‘Imaginative Park Premium’ for downloading photographs and delineations from proficient specialists – an element just accessible to clients of real Canon inks.

Something you have to do with the Canon PIXMA MG3250, as with most printers, is to adjust the printheads. On the off chance that you do this from Windows Printer Properties, the arrangement sheet that is printed is unique in relation to both of those appeared in the manual – so there are no guidelines on the most proficient method to utilize it.

The Canon PIXMA MG3250 is appraised at similar paces of 9.2ppm for dark and 5.0ppm for shading as the MG3150, however under test, it wasn’t as fast as the spec or the prior machine. On the 5-page test, it gave 7.0ppm, against 7.1ppm. Alright, not a major distinction, but rather the draft mode test returned 6.5ppm, to the prior machine’s 8.1ppm. We rehashed the draft mode test, as it’s uncommon to see a lower result than in ordinary mode, yet it got through the same.

The 20-page test was speedier on the two machines, however again the MG3250 offered 6.6ppm to the MG3150’s 7.5ppm. The 5-page dark content and shading illustrations test comes about were 1.65ppm and 1.75ppm, separately. The two machines stop for around 12s part of the way through each page print, probably for ink drying, so the cited speed must be for a solitary page print.

With regards to duplex, the two machines created a moderate 1.9 sides for each moment, yet duplicating a shading page saw the new machine beat the old, finishing in 31s, as opposed to 45s. 15 x 10cm photographs took in the vicinity of 56s and 1:39, with the shorter time coming, shockingly, by means of an Android interface from a Samsung Galaxy Mini.

Print quality for single-sided dark content is spotless and thickly dark, however in duplex mode, it’s significantly paler, looking as though it’s a composite of the cyan, maroon and yellow color based inks or a draft mode print.

Shading designs are brilliant and spotless and dark content over shading is sensibly sharp. A duplicate recreates the first’s hues intently and photograph prints are very much adjusted and characteristic.

Ordinance ink costs have dropped a little as of late and utilizing the XL inks, as opposed to the standard yield ones, gives page expenses of 3.7p for dark and 7.9p for shading. These are reasonable, however not the best we’ve seen, and could turn out more expensive, if your shading use is atypical.


While it’s as yet a decent esteem, across the board home printer, the Canon PIXMA MG3250 printer is no superior to its ancestor and from our tests, it prints all the more gradually. The show is just better than average for tallying duplicates and the Fast Front might rush to set up, yet gives the printer a major impression.

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