How to Change Canon Pixma Ink

How to Change Canon Pixma Ink– In this short article, we will discuss How to easily replace the Canon Pixma Printer Ink. To replace old ink cartridges with new ones, you can follow the user manual process.

Easy steps to replace Canon Pixma Printer ink

  • Click the Power button on the printer.
  • Open the scanner lid and cartridge access gate.
  • Lift the lid and gently push the lid back on.
  • To release the slot, pull the cartridge.
  • Make sure that the cartridge remains tilted towards the back of the canon Pixma printer.
  • Place the slot cartridge.
  • Close the cartridge slot deck.
  • Close the cartridge access gate and scanner cover.

Change The ink Canon Pixma TR4520 and Pixma TR4522

Before you replace/reinstall an ink cartridge, there are a few things to know.

  • Do not touch the electrical contacts or the printhead nozzles on the cartridge. The machine may not print correctly if you do this.
  • Please check carefully, because of the habit The inside of the machine may be stained with ink. Be careful. You can wipe off any ink that is in the printer with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Do not try to stop the cartridge cradle while it is moving and do not try to move it by force.
  • Make sure you don’t touch metal parts and other parts inside the machine.
  • Dispose of empty cartridges in accordance with local consumables disposal laws and regulations.

Replace or Reinstall The Ink Cartridge

Turn on the Canon Pixma TR4520 or Pixma TR4522 and open the front cover.

  1. The paper output tray is open.
  2. Remove all the paper in the cassette.
  3. Open the paper output cover.
  4. The canon printer cartridge holder moves to the replacement position when in use. Do not touch the cartridge cradle until it stops.
  5. If you leave the paper output cover open for more than 10 minutes, the cartridge carrier will move and the light may come on. If this happens, close and then reopen the paper output cover.
  6. Press the cartridge down until it clicks.
  7. Remove the cartridge.
    Remove the new cartridge from its package and carefully remove the protective tape.
  8. Insert the new cartridge you already have at an angle into the cartridge holder. don’t misplace, Color cartridges are on the left and black on the right.
  9. A key will show you which cartridge to put in which slot.
  10. Insert the new ink cartridge being careful not to touch the electrical contacts on the printer cartridge holder.
  11. Then, push the cartridge inward and in an upward direction so that it snaps into place.
  12. Check again, to make sure that the cartridge is installed correctly. make sure it is aligned with the other cartridges.
  13. The printer cannot print unless the color and black cartridges are installed. Make sure to install both cartridges.
  14. Close the paper output cover.

About ink cartridges Canon Pixma TR4520, TR4522

  • For the best print quality, use brand new Canon cartridges (refills can clog the nozzles and won’t tell you when it’s time to replace the ink).
  • Replace the cartridge right after you remove it. Do not let the machine with cartridges be lost.
  • Be sure to use the cartridges within six months of first use, for optimal results.
  • Multiple color inks are used even when you print in black and white.
  • Some of the ink is consumed when you clean the printhead.

Source: Canon

Ink for Canon TR4520, TR4522

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Canon Pixma TR4520, TR4522 Driver & Software Download

Canon PIXMA TR4520 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA TR4522 Driver Download

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