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IJ Start Canon– To install and run Canon IJ Setup, you can follow the instructions given below. The IJ Start Canon can be used for printing, scanning, network settings, and more. Once you have installed this package, you can use its functions effectively.

The Canon IJ printer driver (just called the printer driver below) is software that you install onto your computer so that it can communicate with the printer.

The printer driver will convert the printing data created by your application software into data that your printer can understand, and will then send the converted data to the printer

Because different types and types of printers will also support different data formats, that you need a printer driver and software that supports your printer.

Installing the Printer Driver

Specifying the Printer Driver

Displays the Manual of the Printer Driver


IJ Start Canon Utility Mac

Learn how to manage Canon IJ Printer Utility functions on your Mac.

What IJ Print Utility can do

With this utility, you can perform tasks from Mac ® such as:

Launch IJ Printer Utility

Additional steps (if you have AirPrint drivers)

Note If the Utility tab does not appear after you select Options & Supplies, you can use the AirPrint driver instead of the CUPS printer driver. In this case, you will see Driver Version 2.0.

If you are using the CUPS printer driver, the version number will look something like the one shown below:

If you are using the AirPrint driver with a model that has a CUPS printer driver, you will need to download and install the driver for your computer. Open Canon Support and enter your printer name in the search box.

IJ Start Canon Utility Windows

Here is how to download and launch Canon IJ Scan Utility for Windows

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