Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download

by IJ Setup Canon on April 4, 2019

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download

IJ Start Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Support for:

    • Android
    • Linux x32 x64
    • Mac Os X/ Os X x32 x 64
    • Windows 10 x32 x 64
    • Windows 8.1 x32 x 64
    • Windows 7 x32 x 64
    • Windows XP x32 x 64


IJ Setup Canon Pixma MG5220 Setup for Android/ Tablets/ Mobile

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers
Canon Pixma MG5220 Android Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download for Windows x32/ x64

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers
Canon Pixma MG5220 Full Driver & Software Package
Canon Pixma MG5220 XPS Printer Driver Windows
Canon Pixma MG5220 Printer Drivers

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download Mac Os X x32/ x64

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers
Canon Pixma MG5220 Scanner Driver & Software Package OS X
Canon Pixma MG5220  CUPS Printer Driver Mac
Canon Pixma MG5220  ICA Printer Driver Mac
Cannon Com/IJSetup Source: Canon USA Printers
Canon Pixma MG5220 Reviews Printers– The Canon Pixma MG5220, a brand new series of Pixma photo printers, is a 3-in-1 new design device, built-in Wi-Fi, an adjustable 2.4-inch LCD, five separate inks, and a two-way paper feeder.

  • 3-in-1 device: Print, scan, copy
  • Print Speeds: 11 ipm in black, 9.3 ipm in color
  • 4 × 6 footprint: in just 20 seconds
  • Print Resolution: Up to 9600 x 2400 dpi
  • Automatic Duplex Printing
  • Built-in card reader with front USB port
  • Full HD Video
  • Paper Capacity: 150-sheet cartridge, rear 150-sheet back tray
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, Wireless LAN
  • Compatible with Energy Star
  • 1-year Limited warranty with InstantExchange program

As I mentioned in the intro, the Canon Pixma MG5220 Wireless All-in-One is the latest Pixma series, the MG series. The MG range, which is only about two units, you can see between the previous generation Pixma MP printers and this new series almost immediately.

The most noticeable are the changes in the design. MG5220 is a silver logo on the front panel and the Pixma logo on the scanner lid. The Shape is different, although the overall dimensions of the MG5220 are almost the same as the Pixma MP560; 15 X 18 X 6 inches and 18 X 15 X 6 inches, respectively.

Working from top to bottom, the 48-bit flatbed scanner offers a maximum scan size of 8.5 x 11.7 inches and a maximum resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi. Canon offers several scanning features, including: Automatic document fixation, Auto scan mode (senses multiple objects on a plane), shadow Correction and Memory scan (memory card or USB flash drive).

The Control panel is also located on the MG5220, which runs along the right side. The 2.4-inch adjustable LCD screen is followed by 10 quick keys and easy easy Scroll Wheel for easy navigation. The Power Button is located under Wi-Fi LED.

Below the power button, users will find a USB/PictBridge slot, a built-in card reader and a front side. Pixma MG5220 is compatible with the following media: SD, SDHC, MultiMediaCard (v 4.1), MultiMediaCard Plus (v 4.1), CompactFlash, Microdrive, Memory Stick, Memory stick PRO, Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Duo.

On the left side of the card reader is the output tray for self-opening. This tray should also be open when users want to access the printer to install the five separate ink cartridges. Canon offers four dye inks, CLI-226 CMYK, as well as black ink tanks based on pigment, PGI-225 in the original packaging.

Setting up Pixma MG5220
The start Guide, the animated LCD Setup Guide and the CD Wizard, the settings for Canon Pixma MG5220 will not become much easier.

As usual, Canon provides an overview of eight basic steps: Unpack, turn on the printer, install the print head, install ink cartridges, align the print head (using the supplied paper MP-101), load paper, Select a connection method and install the software.

I Chose to install Pixma MG5220 over a wireless connection, so the IJ Setup was a bit more complex than a USB connection. Users will need to manually select the LCD Display Setup menu and then choose the wireless LAN setting. The Printer must be available for all types of networks and if the user needs to enter the network password (if applicable).

Once This is complete, the CD is provided on the CD to install the driver and software. Canon does not allow users to choose a normal installation from recommended installations and six connected applications. If in the past you have held a Canon Pixma printer and you still have the previous software installed, Canon will automatically update it (requires a system reboot).

After you select the software, users will need to identify how they plan to connect the printer, and then the wizard will take it. It Took me about 45 minutes so I could create a Canon Pixma MG5220 between a 10-minute print alignment, a 20-minute installation of the software and a five minute reboot.

Easy to use
Although the Canon Pixma software has been updated with the new MG product line, the primary format remains the same. In the cases, the menu of Canon’s decision from previous generations is Canon’s decision now and has a wonderful EX menu and offers seven menus, including two menus full of shortcuts for printing and scanning photos. However, users can bypass shortcuts and gain direct access to applications, Canon’s connection to online extras, purchase of consumables, Help and Setup settings through the new Solutions menu. It also includes a new menu with four keyboards in the lower right corner that can be hidden from the view by clicking on the fifth bulb.

The MP Navigator EX Software has been upgraded to version 4.0 and the setup is a different version of the EX 4.0 Navigator, which is easy to use from the previous generation. It will perform an automatic scan, will automatically split multiple images into individual scans, as well as remove the shadow of the gutter to scan the books, etc.

As Pixma MX870 Office All-in-One, the version of the MP Navigator EX on Pixma MG5220s offers the option to import a memory card/flash drive that allows users to download all the information from a memory card or USB flash drive included in Printer, eliminating the need for a camera, USB cable or external card reader to upload all their photos.

All our sample photos in the print quality tests were scanned using the Canon Pixma MG5220 scanner.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX looks almost identical to the previous Pixma software included with the printers we’ve looked at, except for the photo import tool from the photo sharing site (small globe). From now on, users of this site will probably be interested in introducing other photo sharing sites in the future. As mentioned earlier in previous reviews of Pixma, the Easy-PhotoPrint EX software is relatively easy to use: Select images, select paper and then select the Layout and edit options before you press print.

Canon has removed the My Printer software, which makes sense since all the tools found in My Printer can be accessed via the Help & Settings menu in the Canon EX solutions menu.

As always, users can access the printer settings and support through the Print menu, which is located in the menu of your browser or text editor.

Speed and print quality Tests
The Pixma MG5220 Documents do as fast as advertise 11 pages per minute, but when it comes to color prints, MG5220 doesn’t reach the expected 9.3 images per minute (IPM).

In Our tests, Pixma is a page with an average speed of 11 p. Min. With front page for about 11 seconds in standard print mode. In the same print mode, Pixma prints color documents at a speed of about 4 ppm. It Was noted that the printer was slow during the printing itself, but was between each document to allow the ink to dry. This can be considered a bonus because users do not have to worry about blurry documents, but still significantly slow down the print speed.

Canon offers quick print mode. Pixma is a flat rate of 14 p. Min. MG5220 prints our 40-side black-and-white text document, although it is a nice boom in print speeds. The True value in quick print mode will be saving ink. As you can see below, Pixma MG5220 is a quick print, looks good and is easy to read, perfect for rough drafts, office notes, emails, flight information, and more. Frankly, if I was still in college, I would definitely print My Documents in draft mode, then once again I was poor and was always looking for a way to save a buck.

Another Way to save? Print unnecessary bilateral documents with automatic duplex printing features with Canons. It is easy to use, the paper is half way through the work. Like color printing, pauses MG5220 are quite often print time up to over 15 minutes for our 40-side black and white text documents (compared to just under four minutes in a standard print mode when printing on only one side).

What Pixma MG5220 lacks in speed when printing color documents, compensates when printing color photos. Pixma MG5220 Prints a 4 × 6 color photo in just 15 seconds. Of Course, I printed six 4 × 6 prints in a row, and that was the third picture in the series, but I still found it to be quick to photograph the all-in-one under $200 ($149.99 to be exact). But on average, MG5220 is presented to print at speeds of 20 seconds on a 4 × 6 color seal.

With prints of 8.5 x 11 inches, MG5220 is still fast, full-color print photos are a little over a minute. Printing photos is in the same price range of $100-$200.

And at that speed comes quality. I Found that the vast majority of Canon’s photo printers are reviewed, they produce some of the best, most vibrant colors. Pixma MG5220 is definitely an example of this. As you can see below, try the pictures of the puppies, the colors appear next to the examples of HP Photosmart Plus and Kodak ESP 5250, although the image is left to be desired in all three pictures.

But You may also notice that in the grassy photos below the resolution is not as sharp as in the photos of HP Photosmart Plus. In this case, it will be a matter of preference for the user whether they prefer bold colors or slightly more precise details.

Even at dimensions 8.5 x 11 inches, Pixma MG5220 prints bold, beautiful colors and colors are very good against HP Photosmart Plus and Kodak ESP 5250 when it comes to the details of the balloon image (all test photos were scanned using the Canon scanner Pixma MG5220).

Ink Control Tests
In Our tests we run out (printing the color expires) a new set of cartridges; Exhaustion means that the printer will not print another document with no replacement quality. We Printed a whole page with a color ratio of three pages of black and white text. We decided on the ratio 3:1, because we thought that the average user prints more text than color.

The Canon Pixma includes five ink cartridges with standard capacity: one pigment-based Canon PGI-225 black, stylish tank and four color cartridges of Canon CLI-226 with dye, cyan, yellow, red and Black (CMYK). From the time of drafting the letter are not available high capacity cartridges of Canon U. Site.

In the ratio 3:1 in standard Canon printing mode, Pixma MG5220 prints 322 pages before showing signs of fatigue through the status bar of my computer.

Pixma MG5220 will allow you to print ink cartridges, but the bounce warnings (shown above) against printing persist due to possible damage to the printer. Since I had a large print of documents, the hit went on and eventually printed a little over 400 pages, even with the elapsed time of the pigment fat

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